Our school provides opportunities for students, staff and parents to know and celebrate our Catholic faith. This is done through the religious life of our school. Members of our community experience a rich liturgical and prayer life, celebration of the Sacraments, faith formation, social outreach activities, and opportunities to share faith with each other and with youth from other schools in the Archdiocese.

Villa Maria Catholic Primary School Hunters Hill Religious LifeThe Religious Education program at Villa Maria Catholic Primary School Hunters Hill is based on the curriculum developed by Sydney Catholic Schools. It includes the opportunity for the children to:

  • reflect on sacred Scripture
  • talk with God through prayer
  • participate in liturgy
  • explore the meaning of the symbols and rituals of our faith
  • respond to gifts and blessings in their lives.
  • exercise leadership in Religious Education
  • participate in outreach programs.

The sacramental programs, including First Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation, are all administered by the parish. The school teaches sacramental units in conjunction with the parish program. Religious Education is not taught in isolation as it is part of everyday life and is incorporated in all key learning areas. Children are encouraged to reflect on the message of Jesus and to embrace this in their daily lives.